Scitus Technology Solutions merges with Barcode Supply - September 30, 2017

It is with great pleasure that Scitus Technology Solutions announces it will be merging its Barcode Scanning Hardware and Repair Division with Barcode Supply. Scitus prides itself on delivering the best possible service experience, so it is very important to have a like-minded partner, and we believe Barcode Supply is such a company.

What does this mean to you and our relationship?

You will continue to receive a high standard of barcode hardware and break fix service delivery, the same level of support, same quality of hardware/break fix service and the same service prices.  As we transition, your relationship will be with Barcode Supply.

All Apple product related business will remain with Scitus Technology Solutions.  If you wish to buy or sell used or refurbished Apple products, please continue to contact Scitus directly.

Why did Scitus partner with Barcode Supply?

Barcode Supply has the infrastructure and staff in place to take on the barcode scanning hardware and repair growth, all while continuing to provide the best possible customer experience and prices.

What shall we expect from Barcode Supply?

  • Personal Account Manager allocated to your account
  • Extended range of new hardware and service offerings (as well as the current ones you have in place)
  • Additional technical resources to deliver a faster turnaround on break fix services
  • Larger internal infrastructure to support all you needs, including but not limited to hardware sourcing, technical support, account management.
  • Greater national coverage

When will the merger take place?

The transition is due to be complete by September 30th

What telephone number shall we use? What address shall we send our broken devices to?

Please call: 877-761-3838 or email for general enquiries, however as mentioned we shall be allocating an experienced Account Manager to your account to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing support. Your new AM will reach out to you and explain all the new offerings.

Please send all broken devices to:

Barcode Supply
2951 Lake Oconee Parkway
Greensboro, GA 30642

What about broken devices currently in transit?

Scitus will either repair or redirect the devices depending on date received.

What about any outstanding payments for open invoices, where do I sent them?

Please process as invoiced by Scitus Technology Solutions and send the payment to the address listed on your invoice.

What about my current hardware open PO?

These will be transitioned to Barcode Supply as we completed the transition.

Will my agreement, offerings and or prices change with the new partnership?

Absolutely no changes will take place, our objective is to enhance and improve all offerings and customer experience at no expense to you.

We at Scitus wish to thank you for your barcode business and customer loyalty. We will be available to assist during and even after the transition, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

Best regards,

Erica Johnson | CEO & Co-Founder
Scitus Technology Solutions, LLC